Mamiya 645s:
– Very nice glass
– Comes either as original glass + Speedbooster / Rehoused by TLS with speedbooster already in
– With the speedbooster: quite soft edges, very dream (Especially the 35mm and 45mm), 4-5.6 is a good spot, you can go down to 3.5 since you’re using the good part of the glass. The 35 and 45 (1st generation, wide front lens) are pretty terrible lenses.
– Withtout the speedbooster: Way much better performance, very clean, but not as much lenses on the wide end. Sweetspot around 5.6, you can go to 4 depending on the lenses
– To match some lenses: be careful between the Sekor C and Sekor CN lenses, they are different. Also some lenses where made on later stages (ex: 150, 200 2.8), so they could be quite different than the older glass.

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